All the Things You May Need to Know About Vertical Smokers

We know that dads love BBQs but moms get to decide on what grill to buy. We suggest these top 15 vertical smokers to help discerning wives choose smarter.

Read Before You Buy

Before you make up your mind, we know you'd love to list down all the pros and cons of the products you're considering. But we also know you're busy, what with the kids and an adult kid (err, a husband) to tend to. So, let's cut your research time and get down to the essentials. We scoured Amazon and the rest of the web for vertical smoker reviews so you won't have to. Then we fleshed out the most important facts and put them all here. All to answer your most grilling (pun not intended) question yet.

This grill guide outlines the top 15 vertical smokers that are still available, based largely on customer purchases. We prepared this with the modern mom in mind. Like you, I have a penchant for researching before buying. I know we want value for money. As a full-time housewife myself, I have also been dealing with my husband's love for BBQs and grills. I swear by some of the products here, and so do my friends and other people I consulted for this article. So, you have all these versions of firsthand experience to benefit from. We hope you enjoy reading it all throughout!

Efficient. Easy to control. Excellent choice for the smoker enthusiast. Everything that adds value to your weekender at the backyard or company barbecue party is found in this baby. Clearly, Char-Broil produced another champ. When you're done with charcoal grilling or smoking but reverse flow vertical smokers stump you, this deluxe digital electric smoker might be the perfect match for you and your household. The four adjustable racks gives your food the space they deserve. The large smoke box produces smoke that lasts from 4 to 7 hours. Relax knowing that while your meat is cooking, you are silently preparing a sumptuous meal.

Assembly is achieved without much fuss. The remote control is always a delight to have. Storage and cleanup do not cause any issues. What more could a modern mom, especially a housewife, ask for in a smoker? I guess the answer is a husband who will smoke the birds, fish, and livestock for you. Except for that last bit, Char-Broil can provide you with all these things at a reasonable price. It's first in our book because it charms us in multiple aspects. According to reviews, it can even turn a so-so ham into something you'd marry. It's the perfect gift to buy for your husband.

We've almost covered the bases for the best vertical smokers for sale online and in-store. We hope you have more information now to guide you through your decision-making. But don't tune out yet, as we are about to unfold the top two. Second place goes to the 40-inch Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker, which comes with an RF remote control and a viewing window. We have told you the importance of the viewing window. You need no further explanation regarding the convenience of the remote control. What is there left to prove? With a beast like this, cleaning up seems a scary proposition.

The great news is it is not! Cleaning up this Masterbuilt creation is a breeze. So you get all the smoky goodness of a tender and moist meat without having to deal with the mess afterward. Just unclip the racks and other components from the body. Put them in the dishwasher and heat the setting for pots and pans. You don't even have to scrub as hard as you rubbed spices onto your meat. Before we forgot, we'd also want to mention that this defines durable hardware. Also, everything you cook in it will also turn out to be amazing.

A glimpse at this gorgeous smoker can make us feel like Christmas every day. It's so elegant we want to buy it to display at home. But it's not just meant to be a trophy smoker. Despite the lightweight feature, it can handle 80 pounds! Bring in the Boston butts! The turkey breasts! The meat loaf! The pork ribs! Smoking becomes a healthy and elegant pursuit with the Masterbuilt cinnamon digital electric smoker. It is one thing to maximize the potential of your smoker by using it every chance you can; it is another to fall in love with it.

And because we are practically in love with it, we recommend that you buy this as a gift for your husband. The digital control feature will come in handy as he will be able to monitor the cook from a distance. Wouldn't he love that? Through this wheeled smoker, you can also create your moveable feast in the backyard, at a camping site, or in the woods. Its legs are meant to protect it from the elements on the ground which it will come in contact with. Every aspect of its design works together to provide a satisfying experience both for your tummies and your memories.

Innovation makes the Masterbuilt brand rank consistently at the top. It is a name that often comes up in people's vertical smoker plans, whether they're buying for the first time or replacing an older model. This electric digital smoker boasts of its intuitive push-button digital control panel. Simple enough, you just have to set the temperature between 100 and 275 degrees F depending on the food. It fits perfectly with the modern mom's lifestyle of simplicity meets high technology. Traditional smokers cannot be more attractive than that. Of course, the scent of the meat cooking, which speaks of its quality, remains the main selling point.

This refrigerator-like smokehouse master comes with a side wood chip loading system. Talk about convenience in a package. This smoker has 100% insulation, so it's energy-efficient. It also shuts off automatically, preventing your succulent meats from getting overcooked or dry. This is a gift to busy moms like you and me, as we all have children and a household to attend to. But dads can also thank the heavens, or perhaps Masterbuilt, for this thing. They can leave the baby backs or pork shoulders to catch up on football, and still you won't scold them for ruining Sunday's dinner. It's a win-win.

To borrow Masterbuilt's product description, this 44-inch black propane smoker is a workhorse. It does have a 2000 square-inch cooking space to begin with. So while you're cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving, why not toss in racks of ribs as well? Smoky meat does not lose its lure no matter the season anyway. Watch your food cook through the big window so you won't have to open and close the door from time to time. But most importantly, tick other things off your to-do list as you slow cook the time away. This one knows how to hold the heat in.

You end up with great, flavorful dishes to serve your family, relatives, and friends. Not necessarily competition material, but it was built for the red-letter holidays and huge crowds. Masterbuilt is also known for its excellent customer service. They reply to emails, and they do it fast. If you're also a bit worried about its size, you can always ask your husband to install casters to add to its back wheels. These will allow you to move it around when he isn't there to help. Now this propane smoker is also tough enough not to break when the freezing weather arrives.

You might say I am biased, but my husband calls this one a champ. I figured you might long before, so I also asked some friends about it. They all said the same thing. My college best friend Pete, who feeds on burgers and ribs on weekends, swears by the Pit Barrel Cooker Package. My colleague and close friend Jorge uses it to cook pizza for his wife and spare ribs for himself. Of course, my husband smokes mean chicken for weekenders at our yard. Asked separately, these men's answers contained two similar words: consistent and excellent. These qualities put it on the top-half of the list.

Does that make this the vertical smoker for cool people? Not sure about that. But Pit Barrel definitely knows how to help you serve smokin' hot meat. In any smoker's book, that is uber cool. But before you get swayed by my sales talk, consider its other characteristics. The "set and forget" feature allows you to finish other tasks while waiting for your cook to finish. What you get afterward is a tear-off-the-bone pork ribs. Remember my friend Jorge? This is his first vertical smoker because grills used to be his main thing. Well, let us know in the comments if you want to speak to him about his conversion.

You might be wondering how it is to use a vertical smoker with an offset functionality. Why not try this Dyna-Glo darling then? It uses a charcoal fuel, but it also benefits from the offset design that keeps direct heat away from the food. What you get is a slow-cooked meat infused with the smokehouse flavor you've always loved. It has several grates, which you don't have to use simultaneously. You can configure the interior according to your current cooking needs. As this is a vertical smoker with a side fire box, the food at the bottom grate doesn't get burnt in case the charcoal flares up.

Though it looks a bit different from the other vertical smokers shown here, it is not intimidating to set up at all. Modern moms can assemble it in less than an hour. If you're here looking for something to begin smoking food with, don't dismiss Dyna-Glo easily. Following the details in the manual will fill you in with things like reseasoning the unit, or building it from scratch. Even single ladies can take this home if they're up for the challenge. And because it is not bulky, it can also make for a good centerpiece at the deck or yard.

Another one from Masterbuilt. Though this is a contender for the best vertical smoker that uses propane. Its temperature control is impressive. And say we're helping out our husbands in outdoor cookouts. We can practice our organizational skills in this occasion, since the adjustable grates allow us to arrange food inside. The interior is large enough to fit in Thanksgiving turkeys that can feed four families. This is the one to go for if you're part of a big clan that loves to celebrate every holiday and milestone. Because you can go low and slow with it, you can focus more on bonding time.

When you're obsessive-compulsive like me, you might be tempted to open the door to check the meats from time to time. No worries. This propane smoker by Masterbuilt is indeed master-built to return quickly to its set temperature. The thermometer is always accurate as well. Just like other smokers, you'll have to play with the temperatures for the first few cooks. But once you get it, you're on your way. We recommend using chunks of hickory, oak, apple, or something you prefer. It does not eat up all your fuel, which is another plus. We're already dreaming about the foods we can smoke in this one.

Planning to take the shift from analog to digital? That is, in smoking your food? Bradley is your man. This sleek offering from the brand has earned praises from users, both pros and noobs alike. It's this ability to incorporate digital technology into a timeless cooking companion that piques our curiosity. At the same time, that smokehouse flavor infused in the meats is also worth shelling out money for. The 4-Rack Smoker is another testament to the brand's commitment to crafting superior grills and smokers. Plus, scoring this stainless steel monster for less than 200 bucks? If you chance upon that deal, tell us!

The party starts inside the smoker. Aside from being roomy, the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker has a separate oven to satisfy your craving for baked pies. Or when you want a golden brown finish for your smoked chicken. It would really make for a versatile family smoker. As women, I know we are drawn to bargains. Fortunately, this beast is one of those vertical smokers that come with the bisquette feeder. And it's as easy to clean as it is to put together. One user pointed out that the biscuit heating only needs to be cleaned occasionally with a steel brush.

A quick look at the Smoke Vault can already convince you to take it home. It wins in the design department, but it also does not falter in terms of functionality. What can we say? It comes from the camping and outdoor cooking expert, no other than Camp Chef. We own one, and I'm glad we do. Personally, I love it for its aesthetics. But I love it even more because I can move it from the kitchen to the backyard, even to the back of our car when it's time to spend time in the wild with the kiddos. Of course, the husband carries it for the most part.

What's more practical about it is that it requires minimal babysitting. Once you get the right temperature for the meat, Smoke Vault maintains it. That leaves us more time to go on adventures. Sometimes, my husbands take the kids fishing. If we have fatty fish like salmon or mackerel, we place it in the smoker. The kids go back fishing and I go back enjoying some quiet time. If we are more daring, we bring jerky, sausages, and steaks with us. The jerky has a dedicated rack. Camp Chef should not just be a brand name but also a title for anyone who can cook using this beauty.

We love this electric smoker because it looks heavy duty considering its price point. While it often boils down to the ability of users to care for their appliances, this one can last you for years. Whether you are a seasoned or a beginner backyard cook, you can expect nothing less from this Char-Broil smoker. It's big enough to contain your favorite meats. It is great for preparing birds, fish, pork, beef, and sausages. As a result, you get meat that is moist. Now that's something to show off at your next BBQ. I'm sure your visitors would love this electric smoker, too.

So, this is a good starter piece if both you and your husband aren't sure yet about taking up smoking as a hobby. This is due to two reasons: first, the price; and second, the quality you get for relatively few bucks. It's easy to assemble, so you'll be cooking beef brisket and pork loin in no time. Add Thanksgiving turkey to that lineup. First-time users have reported fantastic results with the Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker. We are kinda hesitant to add that it works fine in any weather. We wouldn't be surprised if you started smoking 10 times a week.

So far, we've been talking to the executives of the family, the women. But go get your husband and let him read this. This is the smoker to buy when you want to impress your wife. Take whatever she fancies and turn it into smokin' hot ribs, sausage, salmon, etc. Look at this Dyna-Glo baby. The double-door feature is so handy. Even when the bottom door is open, the heat remains intact inside the top shelf. It also maintains the temperature you desire. Surely it's a trusty companion for July 4th or even Thanksgiving cookouts. Because why not have BBQs during autumn, right?

You get more bang for the buck if you apply simple modifications to the smoker. Let's focus now on the most important aspect: insulation. Sealing the doors with high-temperature gaskets is recommended. Use heat-resistant silicone for the chimney and two seams at the top of the main panel. True-blue Dyna-Glo customers also agree on adding one more layer of heat shield. One of them said that flattened-out foil roaster pan works in this scenario. Once you've seasoned your smoker, bring out some water, beer, or your favorite beverage. Time to soak the chips, the tried-and-tested way to slow down the burn.

This is a much welcome successor to the original Smokey Mountain Cooker. And we're saying this with the earlier model already being smooth and all. The modifications are on point. It now has a broader door so it's become easier to put the charcoal inside. It also works well on the heat retention end. Its built-in thermometer is a thoughtful touch from Weber. It does take a few tries to keep the temperature even and low. But once you get the hang of it, you'll be cooking the best pork shoulder or beef jerky nice and slow.

Though electric smokers now exist, nothing quite replaces the flavor of charcoal-smoked food. And speaking of charcoal, the fuel does the job for more or less 12 hours. What an efficient little party lifesaver. Oh, but it's not so little at all at 18 inches. It can handle large Boston butts. Though one user noted that you have to cut the ribs to fit. If you're the type who doesn't mind this stuff, you're in for a perfectly-cooked surprise. Plus, this Weber creation matches a wide range of needs, from those of the novice to the pro-smoker. We've heard about people hauling them off to competitions and winning prizes at that. Meanwhile, new users sing its praises.

At the current price, the Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker is a steal. Cook with confidence through its integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology. If you have a smart device—who doesn’t these days?—you can use it as a remote control. You can switch the smoker on and off, adjust cooking time and temperature, and check the meat temperature. It has an internal meat probe, a feature we love for its accurate reading. It is not that hard to set up either. So get ready to fire up and feed your 20 or so guests. Yes, that's right. You can invite the entire block to bar

With its four chrome-plated racks, you can let slabs of baby backs sit in while smoking batches of chicken at the same time. Another nifty feature is the side tray for loading fuel. Add them chips without opening the smoker! Pro tip: we found that pellets actually last longer in it, so try scoring for the inexpensive ones. One downside we noticed is the distance issue; you can stay up to 15 feet without a barrier for the Bluetooth to work. Maybe Masterbuilt can fix this glitch even for those with already-bought units? Overall, this beast made of steel doesn't disappoint.


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