Your Complete Guide to the Top Portable Pellet Grills

In order to help home cooks buy smart, we reviewed the top portable pellet grills that they can choose from.

Fast Facts

Cooking using wood pellets can provide a desirable flavor in meat. This is why it has been the chosen method for some of the most conscious and excellence-driven home cooks out there. We've also heard about millennials, newlyweds, middle-aged couples, and working and retired individuals who rely on this method for their regular meals. Anybody, really. These people have caught what seems to be the pellet smoking bug. Amateur and enthusiasts alike are thrilled to do this type of cooking because of the smoky taste and low maintenance of the tool used for cooking. We cannot let this chance pass by to review and recommend the top portable pebble grills we know.

Read on to find out which brand, model, and special features suit your taste. If you are not sure yet what exactly to look for in a unit, we will also help you with that along the way. We know that people have different purposes -- some are probably looking to upgrade while others are trying it for the first time -- and preferences when it comes to BBQs and grilling. The more important thing to consider is your budget. What is your spending cap? And is it flexible, or are you willing to adjust when you finally find the grill that strikes your fancy?

Green Mountain Grills tops our list of portable pellet grills. Let us count the reasons. When we say portable, we mean it is versatile. It really fits into the plan when your plan is to tailgate or camp. It has legs that cannot just be folded for easy carrying. Those legs can also be converted into handles when you want to hook the thing onto the back of your car. What excited us the most about this product is that it can be enabled by WiFi. This means you get to connect to the internet while cooking. You can use your smart device to control and monitor the temperature. And we think that this feature is interesting because it provides parents and kids a good chance to bond.

Here is how. The parents, who are avid smokers, would definitely want to pass on their interests and skills to their kids. But sometimes, the kids would just want to be with their parents when the food is ready. Now, the Green Mountain Grills pellet grill can be controlled through a smart device that runs on iOS or Android. Since the kids probably have phones, the parents can teach them how to smoke using the controls on the kids smartphones. It will still depend on the convincing power of the parents. But hey, the thought is not a stretch, right? That said, this grill provides value for your money, so you can also pass it on to the kid who inherits your love for smoking.

The Char-Broil Portable Charcoal Grill both wins in style and functionality. It is by far the best in style that we have seen on this list. It is portable and light at 40.5 pounds. It can grill about 6 to 8 hamburgers at a time. It defines what portable means without compromising on smoking or grilling room for your food. Lower or raise the charcoal rack as you deem necessary. Just check the temperature gauge to know if your cook is complete. Those who live in tiny houses or motorhomes can fit this into their kitchen. And it does not even have to be standing. You can fold the legs and secure them with a lock to ensure that they do not tumble in transit.

When you assemble this on your lawn or in the patio, prepare yourself for the attention that it will catch from your neighbors. This Char-Broil portable charcoal grill is going to get oohs and aahs, thanks to the classic charcoal flavor that will travel from your place to theirs. Now you may have reservations about buying a charcoal or pellet grill as either tends to get messy. With this unit, the grease will tend to gather in the edges, but you can get by with a few mods. Wrapping the ash pan with foil can do the trick in preventing the drips to go all the way down. This portable grill is heavy duty so it can withstand different conditions. Aside from the grease issue, it can be cleaned without much fuss.

If you think it is time to invest in a good, reliable Kamado style cooker, then read on and don't hit that back button. This Char-Griller creation combines grill and smoker. And it lets you do the cooking Kamado style. What is good about this product is that is is built with ceramics. This construction allows heat to be trapped inside, causing the meat to be tender and juicy. What you get afterward is tasty, flavorful food. But there is more. This unit is also lighter, more convenient to carry around, and more affordable than its ceramic-built counterparts. It is the ultimate choice for camping, tailgating, picnic at the beach, etc. while you also want to impress others with your talents and skills for smoking.

You will not have problems cooking your favorite foods in this Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker. It can grill or smoke anything -- from birds to pork to beef to pizza. Yes, pizza! It can also sear steaks to perfection. The entire cook can also finish without any need to refuel. It is efficient and handy for going out. What else? It gets very little ash that cleaning up will not be an issue. The new model now has metal shelves, which you can flip up for easy maneuvering. Just be careful when starting this out because it tends to get really hot. But just give yourself time to adjust, and you will be smoking food to the satisfaction of your guests.

Do not underestimate the REC TEC Grills mini portable pellet grill just because the unit has mini in its name. This bad boy actually performs much more than expected. It quite holds more than what it advertises, so you can feed up to 10 people in one go. What you would want for your grill is to also maintain the temperature that is needed for a certain piece of meat to cook perfectly. And the temperature in this thing is dead set. Sometimes, it goes higher or lower by 3 to 4 degrees. But that's that. We have no qualms about the result either. It does smoke great we cannot ask for more. And yet, it also has other interesting features that can easily convince you to bring it home.

One of these features is the foldable legs. When you first see it, you may think that it is even bulky to be called a mini portable pellet grill. But REC TEC Grills sure knew what it was doing. It designed this darling to have legs that you can fold up once you are done cooking. Those foldable legs also come in handy when you want to put this in the car and drive through the country. A few extra bucks to spend on this thing will be worth your investment. Aside from the quality build that goes with the REC TEC Grills brand, the consistency of their good customer service is also exceptional. And this is where the company sets itself apart from its competitors.

The Traeger wood pellet grill is a reliable picnic companion. Just prop it on the table, and you will be cooking in no time. When you see the Traeger wood pellet grill, think about it as a convection smoker. It is not a grill. It is not a smoker. It is a convection smoker. It contains an induction fan that allows heat to circulate richly, allowing your meat to cook evenly. This baby is also energy efficient. It can be plugged into the standard outlet and will start using 300 watts only in the first four minutes. It will then be using 50 watts for the rest of the cook. There is no need to worry about how much electricity you are using and how that will translate in the electric bill.

This Traeger model comes with a shutdown cycle, which helps lift residual ash for easy cleaning. The induction fan will run for 10 more minutes after the cook and then shut off automatically. It is a nifty process and a thoughtful addition to the wood pellet grill. Now, it comes with a stand that does not do much. So we suggest that you check out alternatives such as an O-Grill O-Dock accessory. Other than that, just make sure to keep a pack of wood pellets. The Traeger wood pellets can be a little tricky to order online because it gets expensive if you do not stock up on it. Also, brine and dry rub your meat (if dry rubbing suits your dish and taste). And then you will be good to go.

Another Weber product, the Smokey Joe 14-inch portable grill is great for tailgating, camping, and hosting BBQs at home. It is literally very handy. It also takes up very little space. When you live in a small apartment, you can store it inside. It still fits. It is also has a rounded top that allows the smoke to flow better within the grill. This helps the meat to become tender. When you add damp hickory or apple pellets, you can get that subtle kick in the flavor of the food. You can be assured of great food and a great cooker to lug around when you tailgate or camp. If you simply want to enjoy a gourmet meal at home, you can also position this in the patio or at the yard.

Your neighbors may catch a whiff of the amazing pork shoulders or beef brisket. So if you want to share, the smoker has quite the room for cooking some more. The best thing about this Weber portable grill is that you can place it on a picnic table. You won't have to hurt your hips and joints to bend all the way down to remove the coals. The Smokey Joe is simple and efficient. You can even rinse it in your kitchen sink. But it has enough space to accommodate food for up to four people. If you are a couple who wants to invite over another couple, you can make it work. It also performs well in every season, even in the dreaded winter.

This amazing smoker opens our list. The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is a crowd favorite. It is not only affordable, but it also is a good investment. The Weber brand has been trusted by a lot of people throughout the years. But if you do not want to go just by the wisdom of the crowds, you can take a look at the details of this portable grill. And yes, the first is that it's portable! It's great for outdoor living. It is made for those who are accustomed to preparing and enjoying their food in the backyard, in the back woods, in a campsite, and such open spaces. It only weighs more or less 39 pounds, so it is easy to carry around the yard or to your desired location.

Its handles cool easily so you can hold the thing up or move it around while you are cooking. And of course, it uses charcoal briquettes or wood pellets as fuel so you can achieve that smokehouse flavor that you have been dreaming of. What is even cool is that you can actually cook more. The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker can fit in slabs of ribs and a whole chicken or turkey, thanks to its two nickel-plated grates. The nickel material prevents corrosion or rusting. It also makes for good searing. How is that for an affordable grill like this one? Oh, and by the way, it comes with a water pan so you can add water or juices. This method will allow your meat to come out moist and juicy.


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