Top Lynx Professional Grill Models for Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

These top Lynx Professional Grill models define modern living -- being perfected in the last two decades. Here is a closer look at each product.

Queen in the Kitchen

When the finest display of craftsmanship and engineering combine, they form a product that is superior in design and utility. These are the details that separate sophisticated brands from the mainstream. They put products within the top tier, which connotes a whole new world of tastes, preferences, and quality of living. One example of how this world looks like is outdoor living, a trend that has slowly but surely established itself in the modern era. And one aspect of this trend has come along, demanding highly that it be met with the most discriminating craftsmen and engineers: luxury outdoor kitchens.

At the top is Lynx with its professional grills. This brand has two decades of experience in elevating outdoor cooking to new levels. Their products are on a par with those found in commercial restaurants. It is only proper because the company traces its roots to creating stainless steel products for commercial restaurants. When the founders decided to focus on professional grills and other cooking accessories, the outdoor kitchen trend soon kicked in. So they went on to craft masterful, stylish grills that piqued the curiosity of the luxurious crowd. If you have come here to take high living to the next level, we're here to give recommendations -- stainless steel-wrapped and all.

So think about all the high-end features of the third item, the 42-inch version of this model. This Lynx topnotcher has all of those features. Only that it is bigger, better, and bolder. What we actually love about this unit is that it packs power and performance. It can rival restaurant-grade food. And what a wonder it is for a home chef to be serving commercial restaurant-quality food in his or her own outdoor kitchen. It is definitely a luxury, but it is worth looking into. In fact, it is worth investing into. This is, by far, the best companion to have when you are also mastering your professional grilling skills. It may seem indulgent for the outsider, but this is passion at work for you.

Lastly, the three-cast ProSear burner and the rotisserie are just about the parts that the host ordered. Great hosts know how to pamper their guests. And sometimes, that requires them to cook different meats at once to cater to varying tastes. It will be a challenge for those who have smaller or average grills. They will have to make do. But when you buy this thing, you are able to forget about those issues. You can simply focus on roasting the chicken and grilling pork shoulders. At the same time, you can still spare time to entertain guests. This Lynx creation has the temperature and heat covered. It got you covered. All of these features make it possible for the professional grill to achieve its full potential.

This huge Lynx baby is a thing of beauty. But it does not end at being beautiful. It also performs well. This is because it has been subjected to the exacting standards of its makers. It has been designed to withstand the test of time, as well as different conditions. This install also fits fabulously into covered or exposed outdoor kitchens. It packs three important things: it is a beast of a grill; it employs infrared technology to produce that perfect searing in meats; and it has a heavy-duty rotisserie to complete the cooking experience. Through this 42-inch grill, you can have roasts and BBQs anytime you want. Now, should you wish to convert to propane, you can also request for the natural gas feature to be replaced.

Now, you might be thinking that a grill this huge can take time to be cleaned. Actually, its welded construction allows minimal cleaning because Lynx has done away with the gaps that cause grease to accumulate. You can easily keep your unit polished by wiping it with a clean towel every after use. Also, you won't have to worry about keeping it rust-free. The stainless steel make will assure you that your Lynx will stay shiny and sleek, just like when you saw it for the first time. It is also worth mentioning that should you fail a little in the cleaning and maintenance department, you can always contact the company to request replacements. They do have one of the best customer service teams in the industry.

The Sedona line by Lynx is known to be the heart of the kitchen. And this particular stainless steel freestanding natural gas grill is an absolute darling. It is durable and high-performing. It boasts of an infrared ProSear burner that delivers professional results. This is a great addition to a high-end outdoor kitchen because of its polished stainless steel design. It looks stylish; yet, it can also stand up to the elements in the external environment. You can rest assured that its exposure outdoors cannot affect its capacity to produce food that tastes divine. A rotisserie kit can also be added if you want the full experience. The side shelves can be folded and unfolded as you please to assist you while you are cooking.

Buying this unit entails that you are buying the entire Lynx brand, which was built by visionaries in the industry. The founders know that a true outdoor kitchen experience leaves you satisfied. Yet, it also makes you want to keep coming back. Banking on their excellent background, they designed the Sedona line with this desire in mind. They knew that professional grills do not just happen. They had their best craftsmen and engineers work on the products. The beauty of this particular unit, however, lies in its ability to be placed in areas where it can easily become the life of the party. It is impressive when looked at. But it is just as impressive, or even more, when the food it cooked gets tasted.

This Lynx product has two cast brass burners. The cast brass burner is a better choice than cast iron for people living in areas where there is high humidity. Combined with stainless steel, this makes for a durable grill. More importantly, the cast brass and stainless steel combo works for outdoor kitchen setups. The heating design allows for precise and comprehensive cooking. This in turn allows for the preparation of restaurant-quality food. It defines fine living every way you look at it. And this is exactly the experience that will satisfy people who prefer a luxury outdoor kitchen. At the same time, even if you are not exactly a fan of that setup, you can have this propane gas grill on cart for your backyard parties.

Good news to people who also love smoking their food. This Lynx creation has a smoker box that has a large capacity and is removable at the same time. If you are a fan of having that smoky flavor on your food, if low and slow is your thing, then this is a treat for you. You have the option to smoke slabs of ribs, chicken, turkey, ham, bacon, brisket, and even fish. This unit definitely wins in both durability and versatility. I cannot imagine a better grill for those who are tired of having to replace grates and burners every few years. What you get here is a sturdy, shiny, and superior professional grill. It is a thoughtful investment that brings about satisfying returns.

Sedona by Lynx, at 36 inches and propane gas powered, is another model that means innovation, elegance, durability, and performance, It combines all these qualities to offer customers only topnotch results. This particular unit aligns with the needs of partners and families who are just starting to enjoy their outdoor kitchen. Using infrared technology, the burner can sear meat to perfection. Yet, it can also be adjusted to low to go light and easy on the seafood. It has a backup battery to ensure a reliable start at any moment. That comes along with the spark ignition system that the brand has been known for. This unit competes with similar products within the price range. But it also carries Lynx's reputation for rolling out only excellent tools and accessories.

Sedona by Lynx will keep you grilling and entertaining guests at your outdoor kitchen. Though its design looks less romantic than utilitarian, the welded construction is actually a practical decision on the maker's end. If you look closely, you will see that this has eliminated the gaps that typically allows grease to accumulate on the grill. This makes for easy cleanup. You are also guaranteed an amazing cook through the ceramic briquettes, which allow the heat to be distributed evenly on the surface. Like the Smart Grill, it is also marked by blue LED control knobs and halogen grill surface lights. This feature is great when you are hosting or simply enjoying cooking in the evening. This unit truly combines performance and excellence in one package.

Smart Grill by Lynx comes in built-in and freestanding units. This built-in version boasts of stainless steel grilling grates, with limited lifetime warranty. You might not have to claim the warranty anyway, given Lynx's reputation for crafting superior kitchen companions that can withstand the test of time. You can rest assured that this investment will not easily go down the drain. We also love how you can choose natural gas to fire this baby up. And then there's the rotisserie, packed with power with its heavy-duty, 3-speed motor and rear infrared burner. It is ideal for large roasts, allowing for easy turning and cooking restaurant-grade food. What you get from the Smart Grill: operations without any squeak and barbecue that tastes like heaven.

It is not called Smart Grill for nothing. This 42'shiny kitchen companion can recognize the voice of its owner and follows its instructions. If you are out of earshot, you can still control it using your smart device. Another little yet impressive detail is the LED control knobs backlit with blue. It also comes with dual halogen grill surface lights. It gives you the visibility you need especially at night, while you are preparing to enjoy an al fresco dinner at home. All these features show that Lynx crafted this grill not so much as to be the grill of the future. It belongs to the present, and it is as smart as it can be. It assists you in preparing food that will pass your guests preferences.


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