The Top 7 Indoor Food Smokers for Fast, No-Fuss Ways to Cook Meat

Smoking food indoors seems tricky, or is it really? In this review of the top 7 indoor food smokers, we'll show you how to cook your favorite meats without much fuss.

Straight to the Indoor Smokin' Hot Facts

Like Homer Simpson of Springfield, the patron saint of full-fledged carnivores, I love the scent of slow-cooked meat wafting across the backyard. But when the nasty weather strikes, I'm forced to take the barbecue party inside. I also enjoy smoking brisket and spare ribs, sometimes bacon and sausages, about thrice a week. Don't you? More than a mere pastime, smoking food indoors has become a worthy alternative to hovering over the grill outside for hours-not to mention freezing from head to toe during winter. So if you're searching for the great indoor personal smoker, you're in the right place.

No need to scour the internet for secondhand information on the best brands. Having had my fair share of the good, the bad, and the ugly, I came up with the ultimate buyer's guide to the top 7 indoor food smokers in the market today. I also tossed in ways to use them without any fuss. Get answers to questions like: 'Is setting one up worth the trouble? 'will it produce too much smoke in my tiny apartment?' which cooker will yield my desired flavor in chicken, fish, or turkey? You are this close to making an informed choice. Read on.

The best of the best indoor smokers is easy to use. It derives from the classic Bradley Original Electric Smoker, with the benefits of digital technology. Set the time, leave it, and expect to pull out fantastic pork ribs your dad will love in about 4 hours. One thing that sets the Bradley brand apart is its ability to reinvent a model, fix whatever did not work in the past, and come up with something that proves value-adding to the user. That way you feel like you've put your money to good use. It is a practical investment for beginners and a reliable partner for pros. And the look of this one does resemble a refrigerator. It's that sleek cousin of the other four-rack smokers.

And it's interesting how people love cheese smoked in this cooker. When I first tried it straight out of my boss'smoker, I finally understood why. I think it's the slow yet steady buildup of the heat that does wonders-not just to the cheese, mind you, but especially to the meats and even the fruits. But I guess the best thing about Bradley is its take on digital. Those who aren't new to smoking have evolved from charcoal to gas to electric. Now we have moved from analog to digital. The temperature, cooking, and chip amount controls for this digital 4-rack are still unparalleled. To sum it all up, this smoker combines versatility, durability, elegance, and smarts in one package. Who wouldn't want that?

You might be wondering why we have ventured from the size of a stovetop smoker to that of a grill that is gigantic enough to be mistaken as your personal ref. One of your concerns may be the noise. Relax, folks. This Smokehouse Products model is a gentle giant. Though it's strong enough to cover your eyes and house with a lot of smoke. It is recommended to be used in a garage or an enclosed patio. Still, one of its strongest points is its ability to hold a lot. It can contain big fish that come by the dozen. Throw in 25 pounds into the Little Chief and 50 pounds into the Big Chief. This front-loading electric smoker has chrome-plated grills that slide easily.

Some home cooks use this as a starter smoker. I agree with their decision. On the other hand, some may find the set temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit a bit limiting, but I figured out that you have to cut your meat thinly to reach optimal results. Also, why not tweak the recipes found in the free booklet to suit your taste? I actually had the Little Chief 15 years ago, when I was still contemplating whether to DIY my starter smoker. With this baby, a combination of alder and hickory worked countless times. Chicken wings, beef jerky, pork ribs, and sockeye salmon-all were delicious! And as I've said, you can always test or search the internet for ideas on which pairs with which.

Durability and delivering its promise of evenly cooked food make this Char-Broil invention deserving of an honorable mention. The brand engineered this one to allow deep cooking, thanks to the integration of the infrared. The 3-in-1 capability to smoke, roast, and grill is also a good call in my opinion. As I love smoking food, having this would really make me a happy middle-aged man. But this was a gift I purchased for my father for his 70th. He was thrilled. I had wanted to buy him a no-fuss grill because I'd been concerned about his joints. He did mention once that this was by far the easiest to clean indoor commercial smoker he'd had. He added that he used it about thrice a week.

Indeed, I am my father's son. When I sampled his smoky ribs, the incredible taste left an indelible impression on me. I have been trying to recreate that delightful gustatory experience since. I am just waiting for my time to purchase this smoker, roaster, and grill in one. The Big Easy is another hit from Char-Broil. Its parts are well thought out. All work together perfectly, from the hose connection between burner and gas to the flame control and piezo ignition knob, which sparks the flame separately. The smoke concentration is designed to produce the most wonderful smoky flavor. Having used this brand through the years, I believe that following its instructions to the letter makes a huge difference in the result of a cook.

This indoor commercial smoker was made with the busy host in mind. With one push of the button, you can start a cook or adjust the heat from at least 100 feet away. The remote control, which Masterbuilt pioneered in the industry, is your new best friend when you're leading guests from the patio to the living room. It can also work on those days you simply want to relax on the reclining chair as this gorgeous machine slow-smokes your food to perfection. It's never been easier to stack a fresh batch of wood chips, as you just do it with a slider on the smoker's side. With built-in light, this beast allows you to check out how the ham and sausages are doing inside.

Yeah, it's huge enough to contain those, and jerky, chicken, turkey, pork, and beef. It has four interior racks. Masterbuilt did build this for the masters of the house who love to gather friends and family on special occasions. It's like the essential companion to entertaining large crowds. I've seen this one at my older brother's?Boy, does he love gathering all of us on Thanksgiving!-and even helped him prepare and extract the succulent meats from the electric smoker. I've marveled at how roomy 2 cubic feet of smoking capacity can be. Another plus: the adjustable air damper, which we've used to decrease the level of smoke. Since we have little kids in the family, we have had to take the flavor down a notch.

One of the benefits of smoking your food is the elimination of the unwanted effects of oil, fat, salt, and artificial flavoring on your health. If your love for meat is strong, then this Camerons creation can be your favorite tool in the kitchen. Dieters love it for its durable design and heavy-gauge stainless steel make. Camerons is also known for its array of wood chips, bringing a desirable diversity of flavors to foods. Whenever we use this for company outings, we notice that more juice comes out of smoked pork ribs than grilled ones. But this is a classic indoor smoker, and it's not like it's competing with traditional outdoor models. Yet, it produces the best salmon steaks I've ever tasted in my life.

One of my colleagues told me about purchasing this stovetop smoker three years ago. And as one carnivore knows another, he once suggested that I bring it home and try it over the weekend. At first, it looked like it would set my smoke detector off. Well, it only let out cigarette puffs. Yet, it dished out tasty burgers and tender baby back ribs on Saturday. And come Sunday, I had hearty plates of delicious chicken served with artichokes, beans, corn, peas, potatoes, and basically my entire ref. The sidings were all great, too! I initially decided against returning the smoker to my colleague on Monday. Instead, I asked him what indoor smoker recipes he could recommend for me to try with it next weekend.

The 365 Kettle Smoker is versatile and easy to use. It's compatible with gas, electric, ceramic, and induction burners. This feature makes it an ideal indoor smoker, especially for those who live in limited spaces like apartments. Setting this one up is a breeze. Just place the wood smoker chips at the bottom, the water drip tray right above the smoker chips, and the smoking rack on top. The dome-like cover traps the smoke that gives flavor to the food, so keep it closed. This Nordic Ware gem was my go-to partner in preparing tender and moist beef brisket. I would put water in the drip tray and cook the meat for 1.5 to 2 hours.

You can use the moist method too for pork loins and ribs, whole chicken, turkey breasts, and fish. By the way, 1-2 tablespoons of hickory, oak, or whatever flavor you prefer are enough. That's applicable to both dry and moist methods. Another thing: when I got rid of my old, black-bottomed kettle, I replaced it with the Kettle Smoker by removing the pan and rack. It is also safe to slide the smoker into the oven. What did I say? Versatile. This stovetop smoker from Nordic Ware is also a winner during winter. It produces a thin smoke that wraps around the house and smells like the season. Because of this resulting aroma, my little sister begged me to hand my Kettle Smoker to her. It now sits in her tiny New York kitchen.

This baby puts the word 'simple' in simple smoker. As I followed every detail in the instruction book, I completed the assembly, app download, and network configuration in no time. I'm smoking my nth pork shoulder as I write. The previous ones came out amazing, so I am confident this will also turn out well. Whenever I use the Char-Broil Simple Smoker, I feel like I am in charge. Though, of course, the credit goes to this trusty smoker for providing perfectly cooked meat. It has one interesting feature I swear by: the SmartChef Technology which lets you control the smoker through an app on your smartphone. Now I'm a 45-year-old techie, but I say it's a godsend to anybody, even the moderately tech-savvy.

During setup, after downloading the app, connect your phone to the smoker's built-in Wi-Fi hotspot called DADO. (It should work fine on iOS and Android 4.4 or higher.) Then connect the smoker to your home Wi-Fi network, and voila, you can start a cook via mobile! Choose from pre-programmed recipes for beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Receive real-time information from your smoker such as meat temperature, chamber temperature, and cooking time. One time, while I was at the bicycle shop, it sent me a notification that my chicken was almost done. So start a cook, monitor the settings from your smartphone, and then do something else. Mow the lawn. Watch a movie at the nearby theater. Or write. And leave this Char-Broil darling to do its job.


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