25 of The Best Electric Smokers For Meat Smoking Novices and Pros

We review 25 electric smokers for those who want to get started with the art of smoking.

A Brief Background

What is it about smoked food that attracts people? Is it the way that it produces the tenderest of meats? Is it the intensity of flavor that comes with hours of exposure to wood-scented smoke? Is it how these evoke memories of summers with barbecues and the like? Either way, the thrill of smoking meat, fish, or chicken in different cuts or as a whole is something some of us would want to experience. If you’re new to this, and before you set out into the world of propane or charcoal smokers, there is a good place to start. We talk about this on this list.

This list is all about electric smokers, and as smoking enthusiasts, we were curious about why they would make a good start for those who are new to the art and craft of smoking. We feel that, in general, these are easy to use, they are simple to operate most of the time, and they have the value of letting novices to smoking learn about what else matters, including electric smoker cooking times and the like. These will be of value once they move on to the more challenging world of propane and charcoal smokers, which we talk about separately.

Our final choice for electric smoker, the Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker, may be blatantly obvious, but this one stands out because it does fit in as much in a commercial kitchen as it does at home. Standing at a relatively short 17.5 inches, the smallest among all the ones we reviewed, this one gets high marks for portability and ease of transport what with its rubber caster wheels and light 18-gauge stainless steel construction. The electric smoker has three built-in stainless steel grilling racks which can be removed for easy cleanup, a built-in smokebox for the wood chips that will be used for smoking, and a drip pan for easy disposal of excess drippings from the smoker. These are just some of the features we like.

One other important feature of the Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker is the built-in thermostat and temperature control. This allows the electric smoker to stay steady in its preset temperature as it undertakes the low heat and long period of time that is the smoking process. Finally, a little bonus is that the smoker comes with a bit of hickory wood so that one can easily season the smoker upon unboxing it. We hope that you will consider this smoker and all of the electric smokers we have reviewed in this list. We trust that this information will help you come to an informed choice about the electric smokers we reviewed and others you may want to purchase. So until next time, enjoy the smoking!

The last unit from Masterbuilt we will review is the Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker, otherwise known as their 40-inch Digital Smoker. It stands a little over four feet high, which makes it one of the taller units we have been reviewing so far, and it contains up to 975 sq. in. of cooking space, which is among the largest capacity ones we have seen in the lineup. This means that you can cook a good deal of smoked food on this one, with up to 100 lbs of food! We have not gone so far as to try to smoke 100 lbs of food on this electric smoker, but we will try to do that someday. For now, we will note what features make this distinct, and why we recommend this variant of #25.

Like #25, the Masterbuilt Front Controller Smoker is operated by a remote control device that sets the electric smoker’s cooking time and temperature. It is also operated by a controller on the front of the device that also monitors the smoker’s built in meat probe thermometer and the temperature inside the cooking chamber itself. The smoker has four racks that are removable for easy food placement and removal, and there is a built-in LED light that allows you to see what’s inside the chamber when the door is open. One of Masterbuilt’s distinct features is the patented side-loading wood chip tube, which allows for a very efficient use of wood chips. We found this one of the best features in our test, and we recommend the smoker for that reason.

Like #4 but without the digital frills, the Bradley Original Smoker has a distinct look, this time more resembling a vault, but with the same combination controller and smokebox jutting out from the side. The electric smoker stands at a little under 3 feet tall, which makes this one of the smaller smokers we’ve reviewed. Unlike #4, this particular model has four removable racks which allow for easy cleanup and storage. (There is also a four-rack version of #4 which might be useful for those seeking a smaller electric smoker). The timer and thermostat are programmed manually on the side box, wherein a tall tower for Bradley’s distinctive hardwood smoking bisquettes can be found. The bisquettes are dropped one by one into the heating tray, where a 125 watt heating element helps it produce smoke.

The Bradley Original Smoker can produce eight hours of smoke with those little things, which the company sells in various wood varieties. They have different flavors ranging from the classic hardwoods such as mesquite, oak, hickory, and cherry, to such exotic ones as bourbon, pecan, and beer. These will add a very different set of smoky tastes to whatever meat or fish you put inside the smoker, where a 500 watt heating element will keep the temperature up to a roughly constant 250 degrees Fahrenheit with the built-in thermostat. We recently tried this with the bourbon briquettes and some ribs, and we found the results very interesting. We recommend this for those who have the budget to spare not only for the smoker but for the convenient bisquettes too.

If you ask us what makes the Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker different from all the others we’ve reviewed, just look at the shape. It is not like any other vertical smoker that we’ve seen, with its tall tower-like structure and the controller and smokebox jutting out of its side, with a holder for its unique hardwood chip briquettes. The oven and the smokebox each have separate burners so you can easily regulate both according to the needs of the recipe and the amount of smoke you would want to generate. Its internal thermostat allows you to maintain a consistent level of heat inside the smoker so that you can set it and forget it, so to speak. The digital controls allow you to set specific times and temperatures for the electric smoker.

The interior is made of stainless steel that is meant to help insulate the device and thus keep the heat steady, and it features powder epoxy steel on the outside for that distinct finish that will make your electric smoker stand out in any outdoor space. The rack area offers 858 sq. in. of smoking space, which is among the largest among those we have surveyed. There are four full racks which can be easily removed so that you can put in the meat or other items you plan to smoke, place them into the oven, and wait. This also means easy cleanup and storage for the racks themselves. The smoke generator, with a full load of pellets, can produce up to eight hours of smoke, ideal for the longest smoking recipes.

The Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker is one of several models meant for residential use from its manufacturer, and the electric smoker has some great features that commend it to us. It has two nickel-plated grills providing around 504 sq. in. of cooking space, which is roughly in the middle range of the smokers we have reviewed here. It also has a digital thermostat and programming system, which means that you can easily program for electric smoker cooking times and temperatures depending on your recipe. It runs on standard home electric current and generates enough heat to smoke your food the way you want it to smoke. These are just some of the features that make us want to recommend this smoker, but there are a bit more to talk about.

What the Cookshack SM025 Smokette Elite Electric Smoker also comes with is a 750 watt heating element. It can generate enough heat for the smoking process, which as we have said requires a slow and steady application of heat to meat. It also comes with a meat probe thermometer so you can check on the progress of the meat or fish you are smoking and to see if it is done according to the recipe you use. The electric smoker comes with a recipe book so you have a good start on what kind of smoking recipes will work best for you. If you are enthusiastic about smoking, the manufacturer adds, the possibilities are almost endless. In fact, you might end up getting more than one recipe book on smoking too!

The Masterbuilt Smart Electronic Smoker is an electric smoker that relies upon Bluetooth technology to run the smoker itself. It essentially turns any smartphone with Bluetooth into what would normally be found with other electric smokers. This means that the phone will be able to control the needed time and temperature for a particular recipe, monitor internal meat temperature, and switch the device on and off. This removes the need for a separate remote control, but that is not all what this electronic smoker can do. It definitely could make a low and slow smoke possible up to temperatures of 275 degrees Fahrenheit, useful for most smoking recipes. This is possible thanks to a 800 watt heating element that heats the chips and generates the needed smoke and heat in the process.

The device has a meat probe thermometer that can be monitored using the Bluetooth device or the LED display on the smoker, so that you can figure out how hot the meat is and whether it meets the recipe’s required specifications. There are also removable trays for drippings and water so that you can easily dispose of its contents and clean them properly. You can load wood chips if needed on the side of the Masterbuilt Smart Electronic Smoker so that you can keep the smoking going. Finally, there is a rear handle and a pair of wheels so that you can move the electric smoker around and stow it away when needed. Such conveniences make this a must-have smoker for the discerning smoking enthusiast.

The difference between the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker and the one we reviewed at #9 is that it does not rely on wi-fi to operate, but rather a simple remote control. The remote control allows you to set the time and the temperature at which you want the smoker to run, and lets you monitor the internal temperature of the food you are cooking as well. The internal temperature of the food is sensed by a meat probe thermometer that comes with the device and is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance. There is also a temperature gauge on the outside of the device so that you can monitor the internal temperature of the cooking chamber. This is something else that one should carefully consider in the smoking process.

There are four removable racks inside the Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, which accommodate 725 sq. in. of cooking space. This allows you to prepare as much smoked food as you need or want, given the device’s size, which is just under 3 feet high. It is possible to cook ribs or a good cut of beef brisket, as we have found, but you can also prepare cuts of poultry on this one as well with some ease. One other feature worth noting is that the smoke box holds twice as much wood chips as any other vertical smoker in its class, making it possible to get the smoking process going without reloading wood chips too often. This feature allows you to literally set it and forget it, focusing your mind on the outcome: good smoked food.

The Boulder Creek Electric Smoker is a two-door electric vertical smoker. It stands at nearly 4 feet high, which makes it a slightly roomier electric smoker than most. It has four chrome-plated racks, each of which are removable so that you can load up the food easily and also clean and maintain them properly. The top rack has hooks on which one can hang sausages with some ease given the device’s size and roominess. Sausages are traditionally smoked, and having a device that can provide that convenience is most useful indeed. The device is operated by remote control, and there is a built in LED display panel on the smoker so that you can track the process of smoking properly and avoid having over-smoked food.

We would like to highlight two features that have attracted us to this device. A number of electric smokers that have digital controls feature a meat probe thermometer. One of the comments we have received is that these could sometimes be inaccurate, so a good way to test it is to dip the probe in ice water and see if it does get to the freezing point of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Another is that, like any decent electric smoker, the Boulder Creek Electric Smoker is built with double wall heavy duty steel. The purpose of this is to insulate the smoker from the elements and prevent the temperature from dropping due to outside conditions. This, of course, still makes a smoker hot to the touch.

Earlier in this list, we talked about what helps operate the Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker and its other counterpart (see #20), which is the SmartChef app. To reiterate: the app is developed for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to set the time and temperature settings for the smoker. It also allows you to check in real time both the internal temperature of the meat and the internal temperature of the cooking chamber. Most of all, it alerts you as to when wood chips run low, the smoking process is almost done, and when it is indeed done. The app allows you to be elsewhere while making sure that it is not just a matter of setting it and forgetting it, a convenience electric smokers often give us.

This particular Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker stands at just under 3 feet, which makes it one of the smaller models we have been reviewing. It has a built-in meat probe thermometer which is connected to the unit’s control device, so that you can monitor the internal temperature of the meat. There is a built-in chip box which allows you to put in wood chips to get the smoking process going, the first step which the app will monitor before the meat or fish are actually added. There are four chrome racks that are easily removable for cleaning, and these racks provide up to 725 sq. in. of cooking space. This is sufficient to smoke a good amount of food for large or small groups. We recommend this device, again, if you are into the Internet of Things.

Smoking purists will definitely have nice things to say about the Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker. There will definitely be an outcry against the kind of shortcuts this arguable electric smoker may give to the home user who does not have the time or the inclination to pursue hours of smoking meat or fish. We admit that much, but the point of this list is to give options for trying out different products that help you achieve that result. In this case, the result is achieved by using something that is battery-powered and handheld. Four AA batteries and a match are all you will need to get that smoke flavor going on any dish or item that requires it. This is an easy way to achieve a form of cold smoking.

The process is simple: load the Smoking Gun Handheld Food Smoker with wood chips or any other combustible item, switch on the device, light the device with a match or light and smoke the food you’ll need to smoke. It’s possible to put the food under a glass dome to slightly prolong the cold smoking process that this generates. The manufacturers argue that it is possible to use any combustible, even hay or dried flowers, and they provide samples of hardwood chips that are meant for use with this electric smoker. Such options give you the freedom to experiment with any ingredient that would let you try cold smoking with any food that is suitable for it. We’ve tried it, of course, with cheese, which is natural for the process.

The Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker is a basic, front-loading electric smoker for the smoking enthusiast who has very little space, but it is marketed as one for the novice smoker, as it comes not only with a recipe book but with a bag of wood chips. The wood chips are loaded unto a detachable pan, which stays at the bottom along with a drip pan to allow the foods’ drippings to fall unto it. Like the Big Chief electric smoker we reviewed above in #16, this particular electric smoker is certified for electrical safety by the main accrediting bodies for this, so you are guaranteed that this smoker won’t just spark on you and cause the wrong kind of smoke! This is definitely a good thing.

One other good thing about the Little Chief Front Load Electric Smoker is that you can load up to 25 lbs of food unto its four removable chrome-plated grills. These grills can be taken out for easy cleaning after you cook. The quantity of food you can prepare is enough for a small group, or in batches for a larger one, making this definitely a model for those trying their hand at smoking. Apart from the bag of wood chips, the electric smoker also comes with a recipe book so that you can learn some basic smoking tips and tricks. We found this valuable for the smoker we tried, so that we could make the most out of its heating element, which heats the chamber up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit for the low and slow cooking we needed.

The SmokinTex Pro Series Electric Smoker we are featuring here is the 1100 model, which is the basic one in their series of residential market smokers. The 1100 model stands at just under 2 feet, which makes this useful for those who are either starting out with smoking, or who have limited patio or outdoor space to have a proper smoker. Its heating element uses the power of a 70-watt bulb but can generate up to 350 watts, which provides for the low and slow heat you will need to smoke anything. The smoker allows you to perform not only hot, conventional smoking, but also cold smoking, which is most useful for such things such as cheese, pasta, or other foods, with its cold smoking plate attachment.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to smoke pasta with the SmokinTex Pro Series Electric Smoker, but we have been able to try smoking other meats and cheese, and they generally came out well. One thing we do appreciate about this particular smoker is that it does not need specially bought wood chips to operate. Any dry hardwood would do for this electric smoker. Anyone familiar with smoking will tell you that indeed the best results come from using hardwoods such as hickory, and not soft woods such as pine or fir. Another thing we appreciate is that the device has a thermostat that keeps heat constant and allows for the cooking process to happen efficiently, so you will get good smoking results every time.

Few manufacturers of electric smokers are not clear enough about the second use of most electric smokers, which is that they make excellent slow cookers. Such is the case with the Southern Country Smokers 2-in-1, which is marketed as a dual smoker and slow cooker, and as an electric grill. It may well be a 3-in-1 at this rate! The electric smoker is one of those in the bullet-type category, and is equipped with a 1,500 watt heating element to enable slow and steady cooking for hours on end. Vents on top allow for the most amount of smoke, or the least amount of smoke and heat, that would help along the slow cooking or smoking process. This allows for the kind of efficiency you might need on that score.

While the Southern Country Smokers 2-in-1 is a reliable slow cooker and smoker, it also serves as a grill. The two cooking grids built in can be used as racks for smoking or slow cooking food. But when you attach the racks a certain way, and remove the water from the water pan, it is possible to use this as what the manufacturer describes as a “lock and go” grill. This grill functionality is also ensured by the hood and grilling base that comes with this particular model. We’ve received plenty of positive feedback about this combination slow cooker, smoker, and grill, and we have been excited to try it out. What we can conclude is that it does both of what it is built to do very well.

We’ve noticed that most electric smokers come in that lovely color called basic black (a homage to the gray of the smoke, perhaps?) and the Smoke Hollow 26-inch Electric Smoker is no exception. The electric smoker stands at just above 2 feet, which makes it one of those smokers for those who are starting out with smoking and want to have a basic model they can use for smoking meat or fish. One thing we appreciate about this smoker is that the door latch system is magnetic, which means that it is easier to close and seal. This is extremely important if you want to insulate your cooking chamber so that the heat would not escape. Otherwise, your food would not be smoked or cooked enough.

We also appreciate a couple more things about the Smoke Hollow 26-inch Electric Smoker. One of these is the built in wood box, made of painted steel for durability and heat conductivity, a quality which helps wood chips burn well. The porcelain water pan allows water to boil off and help the smoking process along while withstanding the high heat generated by the cooking element. The element itself generates 1,500 watts of maximum energy, making this useful as a slow cooker as much as it is a smoker with the temperatures it could generate. There are three temperature settings which allow you to use it in the modes we’ve just mentioned. Be sure to preheat it first before using, however. That was something we’ve learned.

The outdoor products company known as CHARD, named after its owner, is more notable for selling such things as accessories for processing game and turkey fryers for preparing the Thanksgiving meal in a pretty unique but increasingly widespread way. Of course, the question we have to ask is, what do we do with all that game we prepared, especially those wonderful sausages made from venison that we processed through a CHARD food processor? We smoke them, of course, using the CHARD Digital Electric Smoker. This electric smoker can smoke your sausages, and for that matter any meat or fish product, in an accurate and efficient way, making the smoking experience less of a chore. It is not as expensive as other digital electric smoker models we are aware of on the market.

Features on the CHARD Digital Electric Smoker are pretty standard for most electric smokers, but there are two which we would like to highlight. Like some models from other manufacturers, one can load wood chips from the side of the smoker, which allows users to get that wood-smoked flavor unto the food without having to open the main smoking chamber too often. The other feature, which is also standard for most smokers, is the vent system. The vent system can be adjusted according to how much heat is needed in the smoking chamber. The digital readout helps you gauge how hot it will be inside the chamber. The manufacturer recommends, as with all smokers on the market, that you use it outdoors because, of course, it’s hard to get the smoke off things.

Large top load smokers are useful for the smoking enthusiast who wants to try making smoked products in bulk, or who want to make smoked foods of different types. This is possible with the Big Chief Top Load Smoker from Smokehouse Products, who have been in the business of helping those interested in smoking for nearly 50 years. The Big Chief Top Load Smoker has five chrome-plated racks which are easy to remove and use. This allows you to load up to 50 pounds of meat or fish on them, including such fish as salmon or trout. The former, as you may very well know, tastes great as an appetizer. But beyond that, you can manage to smoke as much as you want with the capacity it has.

The Big Chief Top Load Smoker can run on ordinary household current at 110V, though Smokehouse Products says that there’s an export version available for markets where 220V is the norm. Because it is an electrical appliance, safety is key more than anything else, so the manufacturers are clear that this is certified safe by UL, CUL, and CSA. The smoker also has vents that allow smoke and liquid to evaporate so that the food can dry out well. We’ve received feedback about the durability of the smoker’s electrical heating element, which can generate up to 450 watts, but we see this as a concern that can be resolved with careful handling of the product. This should not prevent us from recommending this electric smoker for smoking enthusiasts.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker resembles a very tall saucepan with a flat top lid. The heating element generates 1250 watts with a possible maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is most suitable for smoking and slow cooking. There are two grills of slightly varying dimensions, one of which sits on top of a drip pan, so that you can cook two layers worth of food. For example, you can slow cook a whole turkey on one pan and smoke some chicken parts on the other. The top lid is supposed to keep everything moist as it receives the smoke and evaporated juices and lets them drip downward unto the food and drip pan, keeping the food moist and juicy and exciting you, hopefully, for a great food experience.

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is made of solid steel, which keeps the food insulated inside while it cooks. For easy portability, the electric smoker is built with side handles to carry the whole works around your yard or other outdoor space and is mounted on a leg band so that it does not needlessly touch the ground. Its adjustable thermostat allows you to vary the temperature down to a “keep warm” setting that is most suitable for that point in the cooking when you want the food to rest and keep all the juices inside. In fact, those juices do not need water to start them out, and the manufacturer makes a point of that in the owner’s manual! We are glad to recommend it for those looking for a top loader that makes it possible to have juicy, smoked meat.

Anyone looking for a “plain” electric smoker that is good for both residential and commercial use would do well to check this one out. The Omcan Food Machinery Electric Smokehouse is a simple smokehouse that stands nearly 3 feet high, which is roomy enough to smoke enough meat for large or small groups. It is made of aluminum, which makes the smoker light and easy to carry if you are moving it from one side of the house to the other. The simple, boxy design is what attracted us to it: it does not make this device too fancy, but it gets the job done. The four smoking racks allow for enough space to smoke meats, fish, jerky, or, with a tray, cold smoke things such as cheese.

Sticking out from the top of the Omcan Food Machinery Electric Smokehouse is a chimney with a damper that allows as much or as little smoke, and consequently heat, to pass through it for better and more consistent temperature control. This is useful if you are the kind who is fond of being hands-on with the smoking process and want to be sure that it goes well. There is a stainless steel saw dust pan located inside to put in the wood chips and water for heating. You may want to buy a couple of accessories for this, including a drip pan to catch the excess drippings and fat falling from the meat. However, there is also a thermometer that comes with this so that you can easily test the temperature of meat you put in the smoker.

The Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker is the brand’s entry into the classic vertical-type front-loading electric smoker market. Its three adjustable cooking racks allow you to smoke any food from turkeys to ribs with its total cooking area of 408 sq. in. The grates are made of chrome plated wire which allows it to withstand different levels of available heat. A temperature gauge outside allows you to track the internal temperature of the smoking chamber. This means you too can gauge whether it is too hot or just right for your food to smoke properly. The device also has at least two removable parts: a ash pan for used wood chips, and a grease cup. Both of these can be taken out of the electric smoker for easy cleaning.

The 1,500 watt heating element allows the Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker to serve both as a smoker and a slow cooker, depending on the recipe and the internal temperature. One way this internal temperature can be controlled is through the electric smoker’s damper, which can be adjusted to check how much smoke and heat should escape the smoking chamber. It’s important to be aware of how this will affect both how hot the food will be when the cooking process is done and how much of an effect it will have on your food’s flavor. Having tested this, we found it a very useful device that does its job well. We recommend this for those looking for a basic vertical electric smoker that will meet your needs.

Things get more interesting with this Char-Broil Simple Smoker, because one can operate the whole thing through an app. This is one of two electric smokers that we can properly classify as part of the Internet of Things. The app, which is designed for Android and iOS, allows you to set the smoking timer, temperature, and other settings needed for your recipe, and will warn you when the time is almost up, or when the time is up, or whether your wood chips run out, so you can run outside to your smoker and check on the status of your smoker. Another advantage of the app is that you can easily track, in real time, the status of your food inside the smoker. including the internal temperature of the smoking chamber and the internal meat temperature.

We haven’t talked about the actual smoker yet! The Char-Broil Simple Smoker has three built-in settings if you are offline or are not keen on using the app. This is useful for those who are more familiar with analog electric smokers and how these presets affect electric smoker cooking times. It weighs around 30 pounds, and is around 20 inches in height, which gives it some advantage when you want a portable yet durable device for your patio or backyard smoking experience. Just a warning, though: we’ve read feedback that there were some inaccuracies with the temperature with some users, so test before you use it. We recommend this for those who are interested in combining high technology with your interest in smoking and slow roasting meats such as turkey, for instance.

Bullet smokers are the in thing these days among enthusiasts of smoking, not only because of the shape but also because of the convenience and ease they provide. These top-loading smokers are mostly in the propane and charcoal categories but the Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker is one of the few we could think of as being powered by electricity. Its element generates 1,650 watts of electric energy, which allows for maximum temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes the electric smoker not only a classic smoker but also a decent oven substitute if you’re planning, for example, to smoke and finish a turkey in the same device for Thanksgiving. It has an analog temperature setting device, similar to #22, with three settings, which are high, medium, or low.

There are two features which we’d like to note in this electric smoker review. The Masterbuilt Electric Bullet Smoker has a damper on top which allows you to control the amount of smoke that would be needed for the food. You can open the damper wider to allow more smoke to escape, or keep in the smoke by closing it a bit. Another feature is the front door of this bullet smoker, which gives you access to the removable wood chip tray. You can easily add wood chips to the tray, which will help add to the smoke and consequently help get some more flavor unto the food you intend to cook. We recommend this for those looking for a top-loading, bullet-type electric smoker that can make your food taste good.

Ever thought about taking an electric smoker with you on the road? With the Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker, that thought is now a distinct possibility. Its telescopic legs fold up for easier transport and storage, so that you can carry it around with you and load it into your truck or car. Unlike the one we reviewed in #25, this electric smoker works on only three temperature settings: high, medium, and low. It is up to you to check which setting works for the food you intend to smoke, and we suggest testing recipes at home before taking it on the road. In fact, one of the things we tried was to smoke a whole chicken or two and it was easy to figure out what was the most appropriate setting to use.

Another good thing that helped us figure out what was the most appropriate temperature setting was the Masterbuilt Portable Electric Smoker’s temperature gauge, which is built on the outside. It gave us a clear picture of what the internal temperature was in the cooking chamber, which we could access through the electric smoker’s door. Add to this two removable smoking racks and a removable wood chip tray which is convenient and easy to use and you’ve got something that would make your road trips and outdoor barbecues more memorable than before. Finally, for those curious about how much wattage the electric element on this smoker has, it’s 1,400 watts, which makes it possible to do different cooking techniques that require the heat levels on this device.

The Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker is for the beginning or professional smoker who wants a small, compact device with a good deal of functionality. It has three cooking grids offering 443 in. of smoking space, allowing for enough space to smoke different cuts of meat such as ribs or brisket. It stands at 26 inches high, and has four legs which are adjustable in height. This is good enough for portability and placement in any space, including one’s garage or patio. The plug-in temperature controller allows one to adjust the temperature during the cooking process, allowing for customizable cooking times depending on the recipe one chooses. This is one of the most convenient things about this electric smoker which we commend for smoker users.

The double wall door, which has a transparent glass window, allows one to look inside the smoker and check how the food is going without having to open it. The window is quite small, however, and there is no separate way of checking how hot a certain cut of meat is inside without opening it and using a meat probe thermometer. The solid steel construction means that the Landmann Smoky Mountain Electric Smoker can withstand different climates while keeping the heat packed inside. We’ve generally gotten good results from the smoker, as it was able to cook anything from ribs to a whole turkey and it often came out well. As we said, all we had to do was open the door and check our meat.

If you are looking for another 30 inch electric smoker that is a good starter smoker, the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is the one for you. It features a 1500 watt heating element that is quite strong enough to allow the smoker to serve either as a classic smoker or a roasting oven. Three cooking trays are built in so that you can smoke meats such as beef brisket or a whole bird such as a chicken or a turkey. There are three temperature settings built in that allow you to set appropriate cooking temperatures for different electric smoker cooking times and types of food. As will be shown, the smoker will maintain these temperature settings even in the harshest of weather conditions and climates.

The best thing about this Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is that it can operate in any climate, with the double wall construction that keeps the heat in and the temperature consistent. This makes this smoker useful under most weather conditions. We’ve read some feedback saying that it may get damaged during shipping, so do check if you’ve received it in good condition. Moreover, you may want to take advantage of it as a slow cooker if you’re not into smoking. It is helpful to have something you can plug in in the garage to cook food that will require a pretty long time to cook, such as certain kinds of stews. We’ve tried it both ways and were pleased with the results of our tests.

The Masterbuilt 4-Rack Electric Smoker is around 2.5 feet/30 inches high, and is one of the more popular electric smoker models on the market. It has four chrome coated racks that allow you to smoke up to 80 lbs of food, and an integrated thermostat system that allows you to carefully monitor the heat in the smoker. It comes with a food light to illuminate the cooking chamber so you can see how your food is doing, and a built-in meat probe thermometer so you could check whether your meat is at the right internal temperature your recipe requires. The latter is quite useful, and accurate, but some other owners do report minor measurement errors with this, so test before you use it.

One useful feature of the Masterbuilt 4-Rack Electric Smoker is that it is operated by a remote control system, which allows you to set the cooking temperature and time so that the smoker does the rest. It also monitors the temperature on the meat probe thermometer so you can stick the meat probe unto the piece of meat you are smoking and perform a reading without opening the chamber. Also, without opening the chamber, you can make use of Masterbuilt’s patented wood chip side loading system, which we found useful as it allowed us to use less wood chips for maximum flavor. We also didn’t have to worry about cleaning up, as the drip deflector easily drained all the grease unto the removable grease pan.


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