7 Best Barrel Drum Smokers For Sale Online

This list presents you with the features and benefits of the 7 best barrel drum smokers available in the market today.

What You Need To Know Up Front

For the regular meat smoker who just can't seem to see anything masculine about the regular smokers available for sale online, nor does have the luxury to purchase high-end offset smokers, this is the best alternative you may consider. Barrel drum smokers produce the same flavorful meat dishes you have been craving for, plus a big discount for you --even up to 50% off the regular price of an offset smoker available in the market today. If you have to look masculine while churning smoked meats, even coming up with double barrel recipes, we suggest you buy a drum smoker instead. It can cook circles around the offsets.

A barrel drum smoker's design is quite simple compared with other smokers like the high-end offset smokers, but it is completely self-regulating. It doesn't have vents or thermostats. But once you light it, it does all the work for you. This means it keeps the oxygen inside the barrel to a low level to create an environment where the meat juices and fat drip on the coals without flare-ups. That's the reason why the rib ends can hang so close to the fire without burning. The sealed barrel drum also locks in the moisture. When the dripping meat juices hit the fire, they become a 'smoke fog that adds flavor to the cooking meat.

The Pit Barrel Cooker incorporates the best qualities of other smokers as well as slow cookers to create a distinctive "vertical cooking experience" that produces perfectly cooked meat each time. It is engineered to allow shorter cooking periods without having to regulate the temperature or the smoke inside the chamber. It is easy to use, portable, and built to last. The PBC has received enthusiastic reviews from some of the biggest names in BBQ. It was declared to be the "best bargain on a smoker in the world" by AmazingRibs.com, that also gave the name their top Best Value Gold Medal Award.

The PBC Package comprise of the following: one unit 30 Gallon Porcelain Coated Steel Drum, eight pieces stainless steel hooks, two pcs. steel hanging rods, one PC. charcoal basket, one PC. grill grate, one pc. wooden hook remover, one pc. 3-point barrel stand, one 4.7oz all-purpose pit rub, and one 4.7oz Beef and Game Pit Rub. The Pit Barrel Cooker, like a grill, cooks directly over the charcoal (with no water pan). Like a smoker, the Pit Barrel Cooker performs as a sealed device. The upright barrel shape with the fire at the bottom produces convective heat, making it possible to cook meat than it would on a traditional smoker.

Smoke Hollow 40-Inch Barrel Smoker by Outdoor Leisure is designed with a 720-square inch of the cooking area, where porcelain coated heavy-duty cooking grids are placed. You can use charcoal or wood to cook meats in this smoker. It comes with a 40-inch by the 20-inch barrel with an offset fire box. A wire mesh front table and a wire mesh bottom shelf are also installed in every unit of the Outdoor Leisure Smoke Hollow 40-inch Barrel that allows a more convenient cooking and storage for other cooking paraphernalia.

For every outdoor smoking where you would just want to relax and enjoy being with family and friends while leaving a sumptuous smoked-flavored meat for everyone, this smoker will come in very handy. For convenience and efficiency of preparing smoked meats without having to shell out a huge amount of cash, you may consider buying this smoker--one that is well worth its cost.Its overall dimension is 62 (width) x 31 (depth) x 56 (height) all in inches.

Brinkmann is popular for its super low priced cookers, made for thrifty customers. Its quality and price are close to value brands like Masterbuilt, Master Forge, as well as Char-Griller. However,Brinkmann is a few steps ahead. Sometimes it offers interesting and useful value added features as well. Brinkmann is one of the largest BBQ manufacturers in the United States. They offer a number of models, some of which have merit considering the price. One of the products that it offers is the Charcoal Barrel Smoker.

The Brinkmann Charcoal Barrel Grill features a large 427 sq. in. the cooking area that can accommodate a wide variety of foods. Its durable steel grill includes a built-in temperature gauge and an adjustable smokestack damper that allows one to conveniently control heat levels. The pull-out ashtray helps provide easy cleanup. It is designed with two large wheels that help provide easy mobility. Any price conscious customer would be taking a second look at the features of this smoker to see if it fits your entertainment lifestyle.

The Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker lands number 4 on our list of the best barrel drum smoker. This distinctively engineered smoker has received positive feedbacks from a number of customers, including those who are just learning to smoke meats. Its functionality, cost, as well as the customer service extended as an after-sales value added service, have received high ratings. Ever since, the Weber name is synonymous with backyard barbecues and the family, friends, and good times that go with it. This just goes to say that a smoker like Weber's is something worth investing on.

Ribs, pork shoulders, whole turkeys/chickens, salmon, brisket, even wings- name it, the smoker will turn it to that fabulous meal you always wanted. It is a porcelain enameled smoker that has two triple heavy-duty nickel plated 18.5-inch cooking grates that provide 481 inches of cooking space, a heat-resistant nylon handle, a built-in thermometer, aluminum door and legs, and is also packed with a premium grade cover. For each purchase of this high quality and high-performing Weber smoker, you are guaranteed a 10-year limited warranty. Overall dimensions of this smoker is as follows: 19 (length) x 19 (width) x 41 (height), all in inches.

Smoke Hollow has been offering best-value smokers since 2005. They design vertical, cabinet-style, gas smokers that are quite similar in price as well as in design to Brinkmann and Masterbuilt. A number of their larger gas smokers include jerky racks, sausage hangers, and a two-sided combination cooking grid/rib rack. The company also makes one 30" tall electric smoker, an offset smoker and a gas/charcoal combo grill, and smoker that has an offset firebox on the charcoal side.

The Smoke Hollow Barrel Grill with Offset Firebox is a traditional horizontal offset smoker and looks a lot like the Char-Broil Oklahoma Joe and the Brinkmann Trailmaster. With this combo grill smoker, you can grill and/or smoke like the pros and create authentic, wood smoke-flavored BBQ and other smoked meats. It is heavy-duty and is built to last. It uses charcoal for cooking. It provides 750 sq. in. of cooking area with porcelain coated steel wire cooking grids. It is also designed with a mesh wire front table and a lower shelf for storage and convenience. The smoker comes with an offset firebox for smoking and indirect cooking. Total assembled size measures 62" (length) x 31" (width) x 56" (height).

Ever wanted to look and feel like the pros even if you are just beginning with smoking? With the Gateway Drum Charcoal Smoker, you can smoke meats like the pros every time. This traditional, barrel-style smoker with offset firebox is just what the pros use for an authentic, wood smoke-flavored BBQ. It is constructed from heavy-duty, thick gauge steel which makes this smoker built to last. That means years and years of smoking meats whenever you feel like doing it. The huge barrel drum smoker is deep enough to allow plenty of charcoal for cooking the BBQ. It also provides a spacious, porcelain-coated wire cooking area. It is also designed with an offset side smoker box for adding wood.

Its cooking grate is crafted from steel plates. The smoker's overall dimensions are 24 (length) x 22 (width) x 35 (height) all in inches. Gateway Drum Smokers exhibits fuel efficiency feature, is user-friendly, light, and portable. All these adds to the versatile edge it has over other smokers. It is also designed for the revolutionary hot and fast approach but is likewise able to perform the traditional low and slow cooking method. Gateway Drum Smokers extend an efficient performance that is also budget friendly. To sum up, with the Gateway Drum Charcoal Smoker you work like the pro minus the high cost, while still producing that mouth-watering grand champion result every time.

Gateway Drum Smokers are distinctively designed for quality performance and is a renowned premier brand of drum smokers in the market. Every Gateway Drum Smoker offers an ingenious solution to overnight pit-tending by slashing long cooking hours while providing moisture rich and more flavorful results in half the time. With a Gateway 55 Gallon Drum Charcoal Smoker, you will be able to smoke a sizeable amount of meat any time as it provides a wide cooking grate that's just perfect for smoking even a whole turkey or a hunk of prime rib. It also features a removable, large capacity fire basket to keep you cooking for hours with ease. It allows a temperature range from 250- and 325, that can be easily monitored with the front-mounted thermometer.

The smoker is made from solid steel and comes in your choice of high-heat resistant paint. Available color options that are subject to availability are as follows: black, blue, charcoal, or red. It also features a wide plate-steel cooking grate and an overall dimension of 28 (length) x 23 (width) x 44 (height). Each unit of the Gateway Drum Smoker comes with a removable caster kit for mobility. A center-mounted thermometer is installed in barrel drum smoker to ensure that you won't be overcooking your meat.


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